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What Type of Disc Jockey You Want to Be
To be a successful Disc Jockey you have to have a certain personality. You must have the ability to adapt and improvise, be able to handle adversity well and the ability to be able to control the atmosphere and mood of the event. You must be capable of reading the audience and play to the crowd with much joy. It takes time and hardwork to become successful in this kind of industry. However, if you are the kind of person who loves music and enjoy sharing it with an audience then this industry might work for you. The common question that arises when talking about DJing is “what types of DJ’s there are”. There are in fact a lot of different paths to take when DJing. Below are the lists of different types of DJ’s and the scope of their work.
Radio Disc Jockey
Radio DJ’s are broadcast presenter that works at radio stations, providing links between music tracks. These links are filled with conversation, anecdotes, phone-ins or even jokes. They also do advertising or commercials, they are also assigned to broadcast news, weather update and traffic items. Radio DJs usually work to a tight timing schedule. They usually assigned to present a program that reflects their personality and musical interest.

Club Disc Jockey
Club DJs usually mix music and use other technique to create a performance for a live audience. If you are a club DJ, you need to be aware of the venue’s music policy and their client. Techniques they may use includes
• Scratching
• Cross fading
• Pitch Control
• Effects Processing

Remember the key to any successful club DJ is flexibility and adaptability. DJ music for the club DJ can change at any given moment based on crowd feedback. Your mood as a club DJ and being able to anticipate tempo change. Having the right DJ equipment makes this transition easier.
Mobile Disc Jockey
Mobile DJ or mobile DJ hire services usually provide their own music equipment. Mobile DJs usually act as a master of ceremonies; they create a fun atmosphere using their fun personality and their own records and music equipment. However, mobile DJs work irregular and varied hours depending on their time slot. They usually spend time preparing a play list, setting up equipment and travelling to venues.

It takes a lot of time and practice to be a disc jockey. It is possible for DJs to move into related roles, like music production, music retailing and even recording. If you aim to become a successful DJ, it is important that you love all types of music. To become a DJ is not an easy job. You have to spend most of your time learning new music and latest demand from people. However, you can win the hearts of people by performing in your own unique way.